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What delivery method are you using with Google AdWords?

Posted on 9th Mar 2016 by David Ogletree

If your not using the accelerated method your losing traffic. With standard, you're letting Google randomly show and not show your ad throughout the day. Even if you have a big enough budget your ad still might not get shown.


I always put this setting on accelerated. I have always said that I do not want Google making decisions for me?, whether it be PPC or SEO. The danger of ?the standard setting is that many people click your ad more than once and many times on more than one device. ?Let's say somebody searching at their workplace visits your site from an ad then decides to buy when they get home. Your ad is not showing because Google decided to randomly not show your ad for that search - so you lost out on a sale. ?We want to avoid that, right?


If you're using standard because you just don�t have the budget to run your ads all day?, you can use other methods to shows ads throughout the day. Below is a list of techniques to avoid running out of budget:

  1. The easiest way is limit when your ads show is to find out the best time of day for your ads from your statistics. If you use standard, this is what Google is doing for you - but they just randomly stop your ads from showing. At least this way you have control when your ads don�t show.
  2. Stop showing ads to search partners.
  3. ?Set lower bids during off peak times
  4. Target fewer locations
  5. Use anti-fraud software to exclude IP addresses of repeat offenders
  6. Change location options to only show to people in your area and not to people searching for your area
  7. Use a shared budget across multiple campaigns if one campaign is running out and the other is not
  8. Constantly monitoring �Search Terms� report to find new negative keywords
  9. Segment out terms that have more than one meaning and write ads that are clear. An example would be �workers comp� - this ?term can be for people who need a lawyer OR a business owner who wants to buy insurance.

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