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Are you remarketing?

Posted on 24th Feb 2016 by David Ogletree

Have you ever been browsing Amazon for some item and then realize later that day almost every website you visit has an ad for the item you were looking at. This is remarketing. Amazon uses a service that tracks what you visit and that service has an agreement with other websites to show Amazon ads. When you visit that site they detect a code on your computer called a cookie. Amazon tracks everything you do and puts you into different lists. Amazon then decides what ads should be shown to what list.

Google AdWords allows you to do the same thing. You can create remarketing lists on your website and then you can decide what to do with these lists. You can create one simple list of everybody that comes to your website and just have one ad that follows them around or you can get as advanced as Amazon.

Google Allows you to create ads that you can show to your remarketing lists. It is expensive and a lot of hard work to get people to visit your website. If you get a persons email you can contact them but if you don't you won't get your 2nd chance to convince them to buy from you if you don't use remarketing. One of the best features of remarketing is that it is a lot cheaper than other types of advertising and the money you spent is highly targeted to people who have an interest in your content.

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