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Google Open Ad Exchange: What's Happening?

Posted on 22nd Jun 2016 by David Ogletree

It pays attention to pay attention.


Google publishes tons of really useful information on its blog. Every now and then, something will jump off the page for the user who’s reading between the lines. This week, that something took the form of a change mentioned in a publication last week about changes in mobile technology.


To make a potentially long story short, Google is changing the way its retargeting exchange works by opening up the market to other exchanges.


Historically, one of the only ways to get retargeting distribution across Google’s network was to publish on platforms that supported Google Adsense or AdExchange. With the consistent opening and audience utilization of resources that flip ads through other networks, it only makes sense that Google would allow its advertisers to cross-exchange.


Widening the pool gives Google the solid competitive advantage it’s well-known for. Plus, you can’t really argue with giving this kind of flexibility to users. Companies have so far made great strides in terms of bottom line by publishing across networks, so there’s no reason for Google not to make this move. There’s also no better time to get involved in other ad exchanges and add to revenue.


So how will this change be reflected in your Google AdWords account? We’ll find that out in the days and weeks to come. For now, it’s a matter of keeping our eyes open and thinking about the possibilities. Advertisers can stand to see a lot more coverage with these exchanges. It’s definitely going to be interesting.

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