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Should You Break Up Your Campaigns?

Posted on 27th May 2016 by David Ogletree

There are many cases where you’d want to break up your AdWords budget between campaigns. There’s no uniform right or wrong way to do this – as always, it’s a game of testing  - but it does make sense to split your budget in a way that emphasizes the success of top performing keywords and ads.


Here are some situations in which you’d be better off splitting an AdWords campaign budget up between multiple campaigns:


Top performing keywords eat up all the budget. There’s nothing wrong with taking your top performing keywords, giving them a cap and seeing if the smaller guys will generate conversions running their own budget. Breaking up top performers even into a different ad group can change things every now and then, because ad group quality score matters.


 Testing new ideas. Geotargeting and day parting are two of the most classic ideas, but there are plenty of others. Setting up a new campaign gives you space to experiment.

Giving the Display network its own budget. For many advertisers, this is a good idea. Search network may tend to take up all the budget when it comes to running on a regular basis. So regardless of whether or not that’s the case, splitting budget will allow you to test the efficacy of different networks based on what you’re working with in the account.


Different data sets sometimes require different ways to spend budget, so it makes the most sense to let data decide when you should split a campaign. Different campaigns for different offerings or parts of your site may make sense depending on what you do have to offer. Take the time to thoroughly look through AdWords daily, weekly and monthly spend, budget and more to determine the best use of specific campaign funds. The effect on your account and the knowledge gained will be worth it.

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