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Stop Making Quick Changes!

Posted on 18th May 2016 by David Ogletree

Nobody likes to wait. It’s a solid, indisputable fact of life: the more we’re made to wait for something, the more we hate waiting. There’s no way around it.


There ‘s a very typical beginner mistake we often see with people who are green at the AdWords program. Because you want your campaign (or your client’s campaign) to achieve success very early in the game, you may feel a temptation to make a multitude of changes quickly and early on in the life of the account.


For AdWords users, making several changes to any campaign within a short period of time can essentially be the kiss of death for your conversions or even impressions. It can be very difficult to keep your hands off things like bid adjustments, rotating ad copy and changing campaign settings very early on, but giving your changes time to cycle through Google's algorithm is crucial.


Particularly when you first start a campaign, make sure to only adjust your bids every one or two days. This will give Google time to process your changes and assign you the appropriate positioning based on factors like quality score, bid, etc.


You may be tempted to take a look at your quality scores out of the gate, then never pay attention to them again.


Don't do this.


As your campaign has time to run, you may notice quality scores actually decreasing over time as Google gathers user data. Resist the temptation to begin splitting out landing pages and changing ads around based on quality score within the first week of your campaign. Remember, patience is key - everything needs time to run.


As with any AdWords campaign, it's super important to use data to drive your decisions. Don't play guessing games-the data is what will motivate you to a true understanding of what needs to be changed within your AdWords account in order for you to achieve success.

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