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Adwords Bid Adjustment By Device: But Why?

Posted on 18th May 2016 by David Ogletree


We’ll very likely keep talking about why the set it and forget it method of AdWords marketing is just the worst. There’s no easy way to get someone out of the habit of managing with spray and pray techniques rather than developing a solid click strategy across channels. Regardless, the data doesn’t lie … if you’re not really adequately using device targeting in your AdWords management, you’re missing out.


For starters, go to “Settings”, then “Devices” in your AdWords dashboard.   You’ll see information that lists our your click, positioning, conversion and other typical AdWords data by computer, tablet with browser and mobile device with browser.


Here’s the thing: The vast majority of AdWords advertisers are not using these incredibly critical, informative metrics to make decisions about data. This part of the interface will let you know how you’re converting across devices (and hopefully you’re tracking conversions!) There’s some real gold in here. If, for instance, 90% of your conversions are happening on mobile, why wouldn’t you want to adjust your bidding strategy to capture more conversions on your best traffic?


You don’t have to throw your whole budget into this kind of testing or do it all at once. If mobile, computer or tablet are doing better performance-wise than your other devices, we recommend increasing bids by no more than 10-15% at a time. Leave the adjustment alone for a few weeks and see if your conversions increase based on device. If you make this adjustment too frequently, there’s a very good chance you’ll amp your bids beyond a reasonable level and you’ll be spending a ton more on one device.

Likewise, you may also find yourself in a situation where you kill conversions across your other networks because you’re bidding too aggressively out of the gate. Remember, when it comes to AdWords – one step at a time.


There’s no big mystery here – you put money toward what works, and keep in mind YOUR COMPETITORS ARE DOING THIS TYPE OF BIDDING. If your industry converts higher on mobile, competitors might be outbidding you massively without you even knowing it.


Got questions about mobile bidding? We’d love to answer them!


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