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How to Become the Best AdWords Consultant Ever

Posted on 15th Apr 2016 by David Ogletree

There’s another side of AdWords we don’t typically talk about. It’s all about management – how best to deal with a client-consultant relationship if you’re aiming to become an independent AdWords consultant.


There are plenty of rules of thumb out there for how to be the best contractor possible, but no one really tells you how to become the best AdWords consultant or contractor. So how can you leverage your knowledge and your strategy to really create a standout product for your clients?


Lead. People don’t say this loud or often enough. When you’re a consultant, your clients are looking to you to lead. You’re taking on the burden of success for your client, so you should be the one making decisions. Ultimately clients have the final say-so, but they’re paying you for valuable feedback that will lead to their success. If you’re not pushing them in the direction of that success, you’re a wasted investment.


Awareness. Make your client aware of the issues. Are there things in the account that need fixing? How are your changes working out over the long term? Create awareness both about the 500 foot view and the short term goals.


Be Transparent. From your reporting to your verbal communications, clients should always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Don’t make them guess. Keep a scorecard on your experiments, your results (including ROI) and yourself. Metrics don’t lie, so if you can put your successes in front of a client’s face you’ll earn the trust needed to remain a valuable partner.


Engage. When you create a win or something happens that’s celebration-worthy, celebrate! Toot your own horn. Write to or call your client and tell them the good news – and most of all, emphasize how the good news increases their bottom line. No one else is going to trumpet your successes the way you will, so make sure those celebrations are heard.


Listen. Your client will be telling you problems. It’s your job to figure out how to make AdWords fix those problems, rather than presenting new problems based on your work with the platform. When you’re on a call with your client, take the opportunity to listen to and vet those problems and turn them into solutions. 


Bad consultants aren’t transparent. They hide things, including their lack of success. They don’t engage and they don’t lead. To look like the stellar consultant you are, remaining open and honest and positioning yourself as a partner rather than a supplier will make all the difference. Don’t skimp on the details and don’t let your client find out bad news on their own. Be direct – lead!

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