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Help! My PPC Campaign is Broken and I Don't Know How to Fix It!

Posted on 8th Apr 2016 by David Ogletree

Managing PPC can be finicky. We’ve already talked about how the only right way is the one that reduces cost while generating the most profit possible. Unfortunately, there are plenty more wrong ways to manage an account than right ways.


If you’ve been all through your PPC campaigns from the top down and just aren’t sure how to turn around an unprofitable situation – or one where changes have resulted in chaos and you’re not sure how to get back – there are some ways to assess your PPC and make sure you’re doing the best work possible.


Here are some ideas:


Check your change history


If you’ve been managing PPC and you’re not quite sure why things seem to keep erupting into chaos, take a look at your change history. This is especially relevant if you have a “too many cooks” situation – as in, a client or someone else who has access could be making changes. You don’t want to make so many changes at once that edits don’t have time to flow through the algorithm of the search company you’re using (Google, Bing, etc.)  It’s best to make changes slowly and lets ones you’ve previously made flow through the system.


Start over


If nothing’s working, consider starting over. Create new keywords and ad groups to test and allocate more budget to the new data. Check things like positioning and consider using bid strategies.


Change networks or providers


Where does your audience live? It’s not always necessarily on Google’s search network. Likewise, your audience may be using Bing instead of Google. This is why testing is so important – you may think you have a good idea of where your audience lives when at the end of the day they may be more easily reached using a different network entirely.


Check your landing pages


What your search traffic sees can directly impact conversion. Are your landing pages conversion optimized? If not, this is definitely something to consider. Plenty of services exist that allow you to build a landing page with an easy to use, drag and drop interface. These days you don’t even need to know how to code to make a landing page.


Are we missing something? Let us know what else you think makes the list. There are dozens of different reasons PPC accounts may not be working. Take stock of what you’re doing from the top down and make changes as you see fit. And remember you should always be testing!

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