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Google Adwords Exams: What You Need To Know

Posted on 5th Apr 2016 by David Ogletree

If you’ve never taken the Google Adwords certifications, they can be a little difficult. Studying in the help center will only get you so far. There are some definite things you can do to speed up the process and learn a little more – but even for the hardiest of test takers, there are some questions on there that tend to catch up with you.


Can you open up your mobile phone and look up answers while you’re taking the test? Sure you can. There are even cheat sheet sites out there – but we definitely don’t encourage it; for no other reason than the tests themselves can be good assessments of what you need work on and what you actually do know.


So given this information, and because you’ll have to take these tests to get re-certified on a yearly basis, here’s some information to know if you’re new to the Adwords certification exams.


1.     Certification means what you want it to mean.


Many people who get certified do so to pump up their resume or because an employer asks them to. If you’re looking to take these certs to get hired, know that the practical knowledge you’ll need goes above and beyond what you’ll see on a test.


2.     The best way to get experience is to run an account.


If you want to be able to pass the exam without hours of studying, get experience. Manage your own accounts or those of customers. Get practical online experience in multiple industries and with a variety of clients. Put yourself in different situations with a variety of ecommerce businesses and learn.


3.     Know about account settings and billing.


Google loves to trip you up with those account settings questions. Hit ‘em where they live by knowing the basic functions of your Tools and Account options in Adwords. Explore everything.


4.     Set up an MCC.


Do this not just for the test, but so you can manage your clients from one easy-to-access location. If you’re ever going to manage multiple clients, working with an MCC is a good time investment.


Have questions about the Google advertising exams for PPC? Let’s talk about it! We have plenty of experience and we’re happy to tackle any question, no matter how in-depth. And if you’re looking to get trained up for the exam, we can help with that as well! Feel free to ask us any question.  

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