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How to Become the Best AdWords Consultant Ever

Posted on 15th Apr 2016 13:23:44 by David Ogletree

There’s another side of AdWords we don’t typically talk about. It’s all about management – how best to deal with a client-consultant relationship if you’re aiming to become an independent AdWords consultant.


There are plenty of rules of thumb out there for how to be the best contractor possible, but no one really tells you how to become the best AdWords consultant or contractor. So how can you leverage your knowledge and your strategy to really create a standout product for your clients?

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Google AdWords: How to Set a Baseline

Posted on 14th Apr 2016 14:45:17 by David Ogletree

Tracking is one of the biggest roadblocks to full success with your AdWords account. Don't skip this important step!


If there’s anything AdWords users don’t put to good enough work for themselves, it’s tracking. Whether we’re talking about goal tracking in analytics, using conversion tracking on thank-you pages or call tracking, it’s always surprising how many AdWords analysts and businesses don’t make use of this technology.


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Help! My PPC Campaign is Broken and I Don't Know How to Fix It!

Posted on 8th Apr 2016 09:28:02 by David Ogletree

Managing PPC can be finicky. We’ve already talked about how the only right way is the one that reduces cost while generating the most profit possible. Unfortunately, there are plenty more wrong ways to manage an account than right ways.


If you’ve been all through your PPC campaigns from the top down and just aren’t sure how to turn around an unprofitable situation – or one where changes have resulted in chaos and you’re not sure how to get back – there are some ways to assess your PPC and make sure you’re doing the best work possible.

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Adwords Latest Changes: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Posted on 7th Apr 2016 13:35:15 by David Ogletree

Back in the day, the sidebar in Adwords was everything. The “sweet spot” as we so often called it – a place where advertisers repping dozens of industries could get prime positioning without having to pay top dollar. Since so many consumer eyes were drawn to the right side of the page, bidding for position 4 – the position at the very top of the sidebar – made a lot of sense.

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Google Adwords Exams: What You Need To Know

Posted on 5th Apr 2016 12:06:49 by David Ogletree

There's no need to be nervous about the Adwords Exams. Plenty of people take them for different reasons - but no matter your reason, taking these certification exams could be an excellent boost to your career and your knowledge.

If you’ve never taken the Google Adwords certifications, they can be a little difficult. Studying in the help center will only get you so far. There are some definite things you can do to speed up the process and learn a little more – but even for the hardiest of test takers, there are some questions on there that tend to catch up with you.

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