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What's Up With Tablet Bidding?

Posted on 27th May 2016 12:24:54 by David Ogletree

So, we’re getting tablet bidding.


Plenty of advertisers don’t really get excited when we get an approved change on a device that it seems like a lot of people don’t use. And that could be true. For many of us, a tablet is a leisure item and device as opposed to something a buyer consumer is using. So if you’re B2B, it could be true that you’re really only going to get those folks who tote around their tablet for work reasons.

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AdWords PPC: Ever Changing, Ever Expanding

Posted on 27th May 2016 12:20:06 by David Ogletree

We’ve talked about this before, but let’s bring it home again: Does your keyword appear in your ad? Do keywords and contextual text that is relative to your product and your offering appear on your landing pages and throughout your website? Are you continuing to give the customer the best experience possible on your website? Do you have a privacy policy, and if necessary, a terms of use set up?


The way you answer these questions and think about how customers are using your website will add up to a better and better experience. Paying attention to details pays off. And most of all, keeping abreast of the latest AdWords technologies can make a huge difference in terms of most recent offerings showcased by industry.

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Stop Making Quick Changes!

Posted on 18th May 2016 17:19:21 by David Ogletree

Nobody likes to wait. It’s a solid, indisputable fact of life: the more we’re made to wait for something, the more we hate waiting. There’s no way around it.


There ‘s a very typical beginner mistake we often see with people who are green at the AdWords program. Because you want your campaign (or your client’s campaign) to achieve success very early in the game, you may feel a temptation to make a multitude of changes quickly and early on in the life of the account.

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Adwords Bid Adjustment By Device: But Why?

Posted on 18th May 2016 17:11:25 by David Ogletree

We’ll very likely keep talking about why the set it and forget it method of AdWords marketing is just the worst. There’s no easy way to get someone out of the habit of managing with spray and pray techniques rather than developing a solid click strategy across channels. Regardless, the data doesn’t lie … if you’re not really adequately using device targeting in your AdWords management, you’re missing out.


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3 Reasons You Should Never Let AdWords Run On Autopilot

Posted on 19th Apr 2016 14:45:24 by David Ogletree

Far too many businesses and consultants put their businesses on autopilot with AdWords. The “set it and forget it” method seems tried and true for some business owners, but the end game is losing visibility. Considering that visibility is truly one of the things that sets competitors apart in AdWords, you simply must check in and make sure your account is running smoothly. If you truly want to succeed with AdWords, there’s truly no skipping those check-ins.


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